Nothing is stronger than Le Scarabée!

I’m Le Scarabée, an ingenious and multi-use device for lifting plant pots.
I’m unique and patented and I will make your life easier!

I owe my name to the rhinoceros beetle, the strongest animal on the planet which can lift up to 850 times its own bodyweight!
When spring arrives, flowers and plants are planted into pots…But how can you move them when winter comes around again?

No need to ask for a hand from a friend or a neighbour any more…whether you are a man or a woman, I am here to help now!

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You’re going to want to grab me!

Thanks to my elastomer grabbing arms (which do not leave a mark), controlled by a strap which tightens them, and my lever stabilisation system, you can lift heavy weights of up to 110kg!

You can manage this without any outside help, whether you are the strongest person in the world or if you are not very muscular, I am your greatest ally.

I am made in France out of steel tubing with a high-quality epoxy coating.

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Try me out and you will adopt me…

I, Le Scarabée, am more than useful and I will quickly become indispensable for moving your plant pots, gas bottles or baskets filled with wood…

I have been designed to lift round objects with a maximum diameter of 50cm.
My designer is still developing and improving me. New features will be available soon.

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